Carrom Queen Rules: Mastering the Game with Strategy and Skill

Carrom is a beloved indoor game, a staple in many households and clubs, especially in South Asia. It’s a game of precision, strategy, and skill, where players flick a striker to pocket small disks called carrom men into corner pockets of a square board. Central to the game is the queen, a special piece that can turn the tides of the game. Understanding the rules surrounding the queen can significantly enhance your carrom gameplay. This article delves into the intricacies of carrom queen rules, helping you master the game and become a true carrom queen or king.

The Basics of Carrom

Before diving into the queen rules, let’s revisit the basics of carrom queen rules. The game is played on a square wooden board with pockets at each corner. Players use a striker, a larger disk, to hit the carrom men (small disks) into the pockets. The objective is to pocket all your carrom men before your opponent. The game can be played by two or four players (doubles), and the carrom men are typically divided into two colours, usually white and black as narrated in carrom queen rules.

The Queen: The Crown Jewel of Carrom

The queen is a red carrom man and holds a special place in the game. Pocketing the queen gives the player additional points, but it comes with its own set of rules and challenges. The queen must be pocketed and subsequently covered by pocketing another carrom man of the player’s own colour in the same turn. Failing to cover the queen can result in penalties.

At the start of the game, the carrom men are arranged in the centre of the board in a hexagon pattern, with the queen placed at the centre. The striker is placed on the baseline, and players take turns to break (strike the formation) and start the game.

Rules Surrounding the Queen

1. Pocketing the Queen

To pocket the queen, you must:

  • Strike the queen directly into one of the four pockets.
  • Ensure that you cover the queen by pocketing one of your carrom men in the same turn. This means after pocketing the queen, you must pocket a carrom man of your colour.

2. Covering the Queen

  • If you fail to cover the queen after pocketing it, the queen is placed back in the centre of the board.
  • The player loses their turn, and the queen is free for either player to pocket again.

3. Double Covering

In some variations of the game, if you pocket the queen and another carrom man in the same strike, the queen is considered covered. This rule may vary, so it’s essential to clarify before starting the game.

4. Queen and the Last Carrom Man

You cannot pocket the queen as your last carrom man. If you pocket the queen when only one carrom man of your colour is left, the queen is placed back at the centre, and you lose your turn. This rule ensures that the queen is pocketed before the game ends.

5. Scoring with the Queen

  • Pocketing and covering the queen gives the player additional points, usually 3 points.
  • The game is typically played to a pre-decided score, often 25 points or 29 points in tournament settings.
  • The player who wins the board by pocketing all their carrom men gets points equal to the number of carrom men of the opponent left on the board plus the points for the queen if they have covered it.

6. Repositioning the Queen

If the queen is pocketed but not covered, it is repositioned at the centre of the board. However, if the centre spot is occupied, the queen is placed at the nearest vacant spot to the centre.

7. Combination Shots

Combination shots involving the queen can be strategic. For example, you may use a combination shot to pocket the queen along with one of your carrom men in a single strike. Mastering combination shots can be a game-changer, providing a tactical advantage over your opponent.

Strategies Involving the Queen

Early Game Strategies

  • Target the Queen Early: Securing the queen early can put pressure on your opponent. However, ensure you have a carrom man positioned to cover it.
  • Control the Board: Focus on pocketing carrom men near the queen to have better control when you attempt to pocket and cover it.

Mid-Game Strategies

  • Positioning: As the game progresses, position your carrom men strategically around the queen. This setup can help you cover the queen efficiently when you pocket it.
  • Defence: Carrom queen rules state that if your opponent pockets the queen but fails to cover it, aim to clear the carrom men around the queen to make it difficult for them to cover it in their next turn.

Endgame Strategies

  • Avoid the Queen Last: Remember, as per the carrom queen rules you cannot pocket the queen as your last piece. Plan your strikes to ensure you can pocket and cover the queen before you are left with your last carrom man.
  • Final Moves: In the endgame, carrom queen rules suggest calculating your moves carefully. If the queen is still on the board, focus on positioning and combination shots to pocket and cover it efficiently.

Common Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

  • Not Planning for Coverage- Failing to cover the queen after pocketing it can be costly. Always have a plan to pocket a carrom man of your colour immediately after the queen.
  • Pocketing the Queen as the Last Piece- Be aware of the carrom queen rules against pocketing the queen as the last piece. Ensure you have more than one carrom man left when you attempt to pocket the queen.
  • Poor Positioning- Position your carrom men strategically around the board, especially near the queen. This positioning helps in covering the queen efficiently and prevents your opponent from easily covering the queen if they pocket it.
  • Ignoring Defence- While focusing on pocketing your carrom men, do not ignore the defensive aspect. Prevent your opponent from covering the queen by blocking their paths or pocketing carrom men around the queen.

Practising Carrom Queen Rules

Drills for Pocketing the Queen

  • Solo Practice: Practise carrom queen rules like pocketing the queen and covering it in solo practice sessions. This practice helps in mastering the precise strikes required.
  • Controlled Matches: Play controlled matches with a focus on pocketing and covering the queen. Set specific goals for each match to improve your skills.

Observing Experts

  • Watch Professional Matches: Observing professional carrom matches can provide insights into advanced strategies and techniques involving the queen.
  • Learn from Experts: If possible, learn from experienced players who can provide tips and guidance on mastering the queen rules.


Mastering the carrom queen rules is essential for becoming a skilled player. The queen, with its unique set of rules, adds a layer of strategy and excitement to the game. By understanding and implementing these rules, you can enhance your gameplay, outsmart your opponents, and truly become a carrom queen or king. Remember, practice, strategy, and precision are key to excelling in carrom. So, gather your friends, set up the board, and let the carrom men fly as you aim for the coveted queen and victory!


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