5 Top Indian Football Players

Football, which is one of the sports that inspire emotions and bring people together, has fans who are very fond of it in every part of India. Though cricket is more popular in the media, the football pitches in the country are home to the young talents who are lighting up the world with their incredible performances both at home and internationally. Let’s begin our journey with some of the top indian football players who created history with their performances in Indian football shall we.

 List of Top Indian Football Players

  1. Sunil Chhetri:

With his dedication and goal-scoring skill, Among top indian football players there is the icon Sunil Chhetri—who has been called a pillar of Indian football in the past—has served as an inspiration to the younger generation. Undoubtedly, Sunil Chhetri is a notable athlete who will live on in history. Through his predilection for delivering goals and carrying the burden of having to lead the team on himself, the story of Chhetri has become quite awesome for the viewer. Chhetri, being among the star players of top indian football players, has now also become a cultural figure, synonymous with the dream and strength of the Indian soccer players on the international scene. His achievements, such as the Arjuna Award and AFC Asian Cup records, have been seen internationally, which makes him one of the most important players of the top indian football players team. As he once shared, “Dreams do come true if you keep believing in yourself. Anything is possible.”

  1. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu:

In the world of American football, a steady goalkeeper is reminiscent of a diamond that is difficult to buy. Gurpreet Singh Sandhu is a survivor, standing tall, as well as to continue showing premium top indian football players defence with steadfast determination. His towering height, as well as dramatic saves, have made fans admire him and opponents have come to appreciate him as well. Sandhu is also first-choice goalkeeper of India, who shows the unyielding and crushing resolve of top indian football players to the whole world. The games he played in the Indian Super League and AFC competitions have made him get worldwide attention and thus, making him to win prizes and to have the chance to show his talent abroad.

  1. Sahal Abdul Samad:

Sahal Abdul Samad, a young talent who comes from the green meadows of Kerala, captures the mood of the audience with his grace and insight. His salvation from the dungeons of oblivion and the coming of greatness show imaginative perseverance and is an outburst not only of his heart but also of his joy. A gentleman earns the fan’s love and respect for his dynamic skills and creativity in the sports field, and therefore receives the title of honour and fame in the top indian football players family. A living piece of inspiration for players who follow him, Sahal’s guidance to young footballers goes full circle by saying the same thing he did in the past: “the sky’s the limit, work tirelessly, and do not forget your roots.”

  1. Anirudh Thapa:

The young and ambitious Anirudh Thapa represents the obscure future of top indian football players with his vitality and determination. The fact that the young one can dictate the midfield and control the rhythm of the game seems to be rather unexpected given his age. Anirudh Thapa is a coming-of-age player, and as he keeps on learning and perfecting his craft, the ceiling of his immense talent is way higher so let him unravel. Giving the same advice to the young players which he says from his journey in this manner: “Stay focused, stay hungry, and never stop chasing your dreams.” His success as a disregarded player is an inspiration to the one who follows him, thereby, would you say that he does not represent the power of perseverance. Additionally, it also shows one how much hard work truly pays off.

  1. Sandesh Jhingan:

Sandesh Jhingan is the absolute example of a perfect, fully enthusiastic player. His forceful tactics, hard tackles, and his height in defence, are the key factors that not only help him win points but also that make him the last line of his team’s defences. Ashish would like to encourage youngsters to put forward an idea that is both very who to “Believe in yourself and to work hard, never be defeated” His outstanding performance has earned him the awards of the admiration of the fans and the respect of the experts, so he could be considered the best defender in the world since then.


Numbers Speak Louder Than Words:




Position Age Achievements



Sunil Chhetri


Forward 37 Most capped Indian player, Arjuna Awardee


Gurpreet Singh


Goalkeeper 29 First Indian to play in UEFA Europa League


Sahal Abdul Samad


Midfielder 24 Emerging Player of the Year (2019 – 20)


Anirudh Thapa


Midfielder 24 Emerging Player of the Year (2017 – 18)


Sandesh Jhingan


Defender 28 AIFF Emerging Player of the Year (2014)



Notable Mentions:

Above mentioned are some of the top indian football players. Footballers like I.M. Vijayan, who has his hands truly made of gold and his feet would not be able to miss a thing, established himself as a frontrunner by gaining the title of Indian Football’s own Puskas. Outside him, Climax Lawrence occupied the middle of the playground and was the one to lead his teammates, thanks to his amazing boxing. Jeje Lalpekhlua, the best scorer of Mizo, the national team seems more rejuvenated with him around because he is the pivotal figure. Besides, Subrata Pal’s ability to block the ball from getting into the net, his last-ditch saves-typified with the nickname “The Spiderman of India,” was a campaigner of instinct and plenty of moment stops. These players are no less than legends in Indian football history because of the commitment, dedication, and outstanding performances of them serve as a source of encouragement to the fleeing students of sports all over the nation.



India’s extremely talented footballers are the main Sunil Chhetri, Bhaichung Bhutia, and Gurpreet Singh Sandhu who have not only been improving their sports profile nationally but internationally as well. The above-mentioned top indian football players have unparalleled speed, skill, and prowess that has not only influenced the future of the game but also put a high standard of excellence. The collective contribution of these players and their varying strengths indeed has largely impacted the shape and direction of Indian football as the sport has evolved along. Moreover, today’s generation will be eager to attend because of the systematic development of talent and the gradual increase in the participation of people in the game by looking at these top indian football players.

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