Who is the King of IPL?

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most popular cricket leagues worldwide. It began in the year 2008 and has gained popularity due to interesting matches. People eagerly wait for IPL Season, and support their loving team unconditionally. Many names can be brought forward as possible candidates for being referred to as the king of IPL but who really deserves this title? This blog post aims at outlining various outstanding individuals whose impact on the league’s success could make them earn such a name based on what they have achieved so far.

 The Contenders for the King of IPL

  1. Virat Kohli
  2. MS Dhoni
  3. Rohit Sharma

Due to their outstanding successes and leadership, each of these players has a solid case for being called the IPL‘s king.

Virat Kohli: The Run Machine

Since he was able to perform well every time, Virat Kohli, who used to lead Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), is also called “run machine.” Here are some essential statistics and accomplishments to prove this fact:

– Total Runs: With over 7,000 runs scored, Kohli achieved all previous IPL run scorers as of 2023.
– Centuries: With seven hundreds in this tournament, Kohli has proved his capacity to stay to change the course wicket for extended periods of time and of play.
– Orange Cap: – Virat Kohli has secured the ‘Orange Cap’ many times; in particular, he earned it in 2016 when he broke a record with 973 runs scored during that season.

While giving bowlers sleepless nights, Kohli’s ability to attack when needed and steady the ship has won him over many fans. It is impossible to overlook his personal genius and reliability despite the fact that he has never claimed victory in the IPL.


MS Dhoni: The Captain Cool

M.S Dhoni has been a successful captain of CSK. He is also called ‘Captain Cool’ as he’s very calm & composed. In this competition, no other captain has won many trophies or earned so much respect. His calm personality, sharp cricketing mind and phenomenal capability to finish games have made him the greatest captain ever seen in the event. Here are some essential statistics and accomplishments to prove this fact:

– IPL Titles: Chennai Super Kings under the captaincy of Dhoni have bought them 4 IPL trophies in the respective years 2010, 2011, 2018 and 2021 and we can safely say that this team can be named as king of IPL.

– Runs Scored: He has scored over 4800 runs which makes him one of highest run getters in the history of this tournament also his finishing ability with powerful hitting during death overs is something that legends are made of.

– Captaincy Record: Dhoni made good decisions under pressure however; his real strength lay in his strategic acumen and ability to bring out the best in his team members.

 CSK is an example of one most successful IPL franchises largely due to the captaincy of Dhoni who was always cool, calm and collected. His unmatched legacy as a captain and finisher makes him a strong contestant for the king of IPL. 

Rohit Sharma: The Winning Captain

Rohit Sharma, the captain of MI is known as one of the best IPL players. It has been the most successful team till now in the history of IPL under his leadership & guidance. Here is why Rohit Sharma should be mentioned:

– Titles: Under the guidance of Rohit Sharma MI has won the title in 2013, 2015, 2017, 2019, 2020.

– Runs Scored: He has more than 5800 runs in the history of the IPL.

– Captaincy Record: The calm manner in which he leads has been vital for Mumbai Indians’ success over the years. This quality of Rohit can actually make him the king of IPL.


Rohit’s fantastic performance as a leader and his skill to perform well throughout the games while batting is what has made him running for the list stating king of IPL.

Key Statistics for the King of IPL

Let’s compare the following three players’ stats in order to determine who might be the king of IPL:


Player Runs Scored


IPL Titles Captaincy Wins Centuries Orange Caps
Virat Kohli


7,000+ 0 64 7 3
MS Dhoni


4,800+ 4 120+ 0 0
Rohit Sharma


5,800+ 5 75+ 1 0



It can be challenging to decide who the king of IPL cricketer of all time is because it depends on your personal priorities. Virat Kohli would be the king of IPL if consistency as well as batting skill are what you look for. His phenomenal abilities along with his hard work are evident from an unprecedented number one run getter position and many centuries scored.


If a person makes leadership and winning titles the most important criteria, then they are likely to choose either MS Dhoni or Rohit Sharma. Having won the IPL four times, Dhoni is considered a great leader because of his unique tactics while captaining teams; on the other hand, Rohit has also won this tournament five times besides being consistent both as player and captain which makes him equally qualified for such a position.

The IPL can be seen as having many “kings” who are all Lords in their own right. The leading run-scorer in the tournament is Virat Kohli, with MS Dhoni being an amazing captain and Rohit Sharma claiming the highest number of victories. All of them contributed significantly to the most lucrative T20 competition in the world.

“To me, leadership is about knowing your own strengths and weaknesses and setting a good example for others to follow,” remarked MS Dhoni. This applies to Kohli, Dhoni and Sharma as well because they have all made use of their strong points which has helped each of them create a different history in IPL

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