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Updated: May 27, 2024
Published: May 27, 2024
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Holy Rummy GST Policy

GST Policy of the Holy Rummy App


The Holy Rummy app is a popular online rummy platform that is operated by the company Holy Rummy Pvt. Ltd. The company is registered in India and is subject to the Indian GST laws.


GST on Rummy


Rummy is a game of skill and is therefore not subject to GST. However, the rake or service fee that is charged by the Holy Rummy app on each game is subject to GST. The GST rate on rake is 18%.


GST on Withdrawals


When a player withdraws money from their Holy Rummy account, GST is not charged on the withdrawal amount. This is because the withdrawal is simply the return of the player’s own money.


How to Pay GST on Holy Rummy


The Holy Rummy app automatically deducts GST from the rake that is charged on each game. The player does not need to do anything to pay GST.




Suppose a player plays a game of rummy on the Holy Rummy app and the rake is ₹100. The player wins the game and withdraws the ₹100 to their bank account. The Holy Rummy app will deduct ₹18 (18% of ₹100) as GST from the rake. The player will receive ₹82 (₹100 – ₹18) in their bank account.

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