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Rummy Pro

Published: January 12, 2024
Updated: January 12, 2024
reviews 4.7 rating 62k reviews
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Rummy Pro Gameplay
Rummy pro gameplay

Rummy Pro Rules

  • Form valid sets or sequences using 13 cards. Arrange cards into sequences or sets .
  • Players receive 13 cards each from a shuffled deck.
  • A random card from the deck becomes the joker. Jokers can substitute any missing card in sets or sequences.
  • Players take turns to draw a card from the open/closed deck or discard a card.
  • Arrange cards logically; form a pure sequence (without a joker) to declare.
  • Declare once the cards are arranged in valid sets and sequences. The 14th card is discarded to declare.
  • Players meld cards to form sets/sequences and discard unwanted cards to maintain 13 cards.
  • The first player to declare with valid sets/sequences wins. Other players calculate points based on their ungrouped cards.
  • Players lose points for invalid declarations or not completing the objective within a specified time.
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