Teen Patti Master APK

Teen Patti Master APK

Teen Patti Master

Updated: April 30, 2024
Published: April 28, 2023
reviews 3.9 rating 696 reviews
download 65 MB 500,000+ installs
signup bonus ₹ 13 signup bonus
withdrawal limit ₹ 100 Min. Withdrawal
Teen Patti Master
Teen Patti Master
Teen Patti Master
Teen Patti Master

About Teen Patti Master

Teen Patti Master is an Indian card game app developed by Games2win. It is one of India’s most popular card games and is played with three cards. The app features various game modes, including Classic Teen Patti, Poker, and a special Tournament Mode.

The app allows players to join or create a table to start playing. Players can choose to play with their friends or with strangers from around the world. The game also provides several customization options, such as betting amounts and the number of players. The app also provides a variety of power-ups to improve the gaming experience.

In addition to playing with real money, the app allows players to practice and hone their skills in a virtual currency mode. Players can also join tournaments to compete against other players and win prizes. The app also provides leaderboards and rewards to encourage players to keep playing.

Overall, Teen Patti Master is a great app for anyone who enjoys playing card games. It provides a realistic gaming experience with various game modes and customization options. The app also offers regular updates to keep the game fresh and exciting.


Teen Patti Master App Specifications

App Details
No.of Installs
No.of Reviews
696 Reviews
App Size
65 MB
Withdrawal Policy
Instant vs Manual
Min Withdrawal Amount
₹ 100
Deposit Policy
Min deposit
₹ 100
Signup Offer
₹13 signup bonus
1st time Deposit Offer
Bonus Policy
Bonus → Withdrawal
Earn Per Invites Rs.20 « less ... more »
Expiry Period
KYC Policy
Pan Based
Adhar Based
Device Feasibility
Other App Features
Free Game Section
Version Detail
Last Updated On
Sep 28, 2022

Teen Patti Master Variants

The app includes numerous types of Rummy, including the ones listed below.


  1. Points Rummy: This simplified version aims to accumulate as many points as possible. Rather than forming melds, players discard cards at the end of each round to diminish their point value.


  1. Deal Rummy: This version usually has three or five deals. The game aims to score as many points as possible in the time provided. Because their plays must be coordinated over several rounds, players in this format must plan and assess risks.


  1. Pool Rummy: In this high-stakes variant, participants fight for a predetermined number of points. The first participant to reach the pool wins the game. In a violent and entertaining pool rummy match, players compete against one another to acquire the necessary score.


  1. 13 cards: There is a special “13” card in this Indian form that can be used as a wild card to complete any meld.


  1. 21 Points: This version adds a blackjack-like component to rummy. Players strive to get as close to 21 points as possible through their melds without exceeding the allocated quantity.

Teen Patti Master Cash / Free Games

To accommodate its broad player base, Teen Patti Master offers both paid and free games.


Cash games allow players to compete for real money. Participation usually requires some investment, and winners are selected based on their performance in the tournament. Playing Rummy for cash raises the stakes and adds excitement to the game. While actual monetary rewards are available, so is the player’s entry fee. 


Participants can have fun without spending any money by playing free games. These games are frequently played for fun and practice. Beginners who are just learning the game and casual players who want to play for pleasure without fear of losing money can gain immensely from playing free games.


They’re also an excellent way to socialise with friends and acquaintances while playing a leisurely game. Teen Patti Master provides cash and free games to gamers seeking everything from casual card gaming to high-stakes tournament action. It’s a friendly and adaptive community for Rummy players of all kinds.

Teen Patti Master Features

  • Withdrawals made instantly: Players can immediately withdraw funds from the app to their accounts.
  • 24/7 Customer Service: You will receive continuous customer assistance to answer questions about the game or the app.
  • This app protects financial information by providing a safe platform for in-game purchases and transactions.
  • Check out the various leaderboards to see where you stand about other gamers worldwide.
  • When you download the app, you will receive free chips and a bonus of up to Rs 10.000.
  • You will be rewarded daily for your continued participation in the game.
  • Because it is available for both Android and iOS, you can play Teen Patti Master with friends who use any mobile platform.
  • Platforms with RNG certification keep players safe.

How to Download Teen Patti Master

  • A “Download” or “Get the App” button or link can usually be found on the website’s main page or a separate “Download App” page.
  • Click the button or link to begin the download.
  • Simply follow the on-screen instructions to install the program on your computer or mobile device.
  • To install the app on your smartphone, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • After the setup, use the application and either log in with an existing account or create a new one to begin playing.
  • To download Teen Patti Master for Android, go to the Google Play Store.
  • Once the setup is complete, you may proceed with account creation or log in.

Teen Patti Master Login / Signup

Sign up

  •  Install the Teen Patti Master app on your mobile device from an official source, such as the Google Play Store or the App Store.
  • It’s time to launch the app after downloading and installing it on your mobile device.
  • If you’re new to the app, search for a “Sign Up” or “Create Account” button. You must provide your email address and a strong password. To complete this step, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • You may need to authenticate your email address occasionally by clicking on a verification link in your inbox. Check your email and, if necessary, finish this step.
  • After you create your account, you may be asked to submit additional profile information, such as a username or profile photograph. Fill in the blanks as needed.


  • Launch the Teen Patti Master app on your device to log in.
  • Within the programme, look for a “Login” or “Sign In” option.
  • Enter the email address you provided when you registered.
  • Enter the password for your account here.
  • To access your Teen Patti Master account, click the “Login” or “Sign In” option. Start 
  • You can begin playing Rummy within the app after successfully logging in.

Teen Patti Master Withdraw & Deposit

Begin the Programme: Install and launch the Teen Patti Master app.


  1. To access your account, enter your login name and password.


  1. Access Your Wallet: Look for the “Wallet” or “Balance” section within the app. Your account administration choices can be found here.


  1. Here, players can fund their accounts. There may also be a “Cashier” or “Banking” tab.


  1. Navigate to “Payment Method” and select the option that appeals to you. Teen Patti Master typically accepts credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, bank wires, and other online payment methods. 


  1. Enter the following digits: Enter the deposit amount you want to make. Be mindful of any deposit minimums and maximums.


  1. Payment Information: Enter your payment information, including your credit card number, bank account information, or digital wallet information.


  1. Check the amount, payment form, and any levied fees to verify your deposit. Please check the deposit.


  1. Authentication: Depending on the transaction, you may be required to submit extra verification information, such as a one-time password (OTP).


  1. When your deposit is appropriately processed, you will receive a confirmation message, and your wallet balance will be updated.




  1. Start the app to play Teen Patti Master.


  1. Enter Your Login Details Here.


  1. To access your money, tap “Wallet” or “Balance” in the app’s main menu.


  1. The terms “withdraw” and “cash out” are here. Similar services can be found in the “Banking” or “Cashier” sections.


  1. Choose Your Withdrawal Method You can choose your withdrawal method here. Bank transfers, online wallets, and checks are the most often used methods. Check that your preferred withdrawal method has been added and verified in your account settings.


  1. Enter Amount: Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, not exceeding the minimum or maximum allowed.


  1. Check the Withdrawal Details: Double-check the withdrawal details, including the fee, method, and total amount. 


  1. The withdrawal request was approved. You may be asked to enter a password or other type of authentication depending on the nature of the transaction.

Teen Patti Master Offers

Teen Patti Master Rules

The Teen Patti Master app supports multiple card game variations, each with its own rules. Here’s a high-level review of the rules for Indian Rummy, a popular version. You are strongly advised to read the app’s rules and tutorials for precise instructions, as the app may have modifications or additional features. The fundamentals of Indian Rummy are as follows:


  1. The goal of Indian Rummy is to bring your score as near to zero as possible by completing legitimate sets and sequences using the cards you have in hand.


  1. Two standard decks plus one joker deck are used for playing Indian Rummy. A traditional deck has 52 cards plus an arbitrary number of jokers. It is typically played with two to six individuals.


  1. To win, the cards must be combined in legal ways. A set comprises three or four cards of the same rank from separate suits, whereas a sequence consists of three or more cards of consecutive ranks from the same suit.


  1. When necessary, jokers can be used to complete sets and sequences. However, there is usually a limit on how many jokers you can use in a row.


  1. The active player selects whether to draw from the draw pile or the discard pile each turn. Following each draw, the player must discard one card from their hand. It’s fine if the discarded card is the one they just drew.


  1. To declare victory, players must first utilise all their cards to form lawful sets and sequences before discarding their final card. Following that, anyone with unblemished cards can combine them for a better score.


  1. The cards in Indian Rummy are allocated point values. Aces are for one point, face cards (Jack, Queen, and King) are worth ten points, and numbered cards are worth their numerical value.

How to Play Teen Patti Master

  • Sign Up To access your Teen Patti Master account, enter your login name and password.
  • Choose a Playing Mode – Players can practise alone or with others in multiplayer games.
  • Select a Form: Select a Rummy variant to play, such as Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, or Rummy 500.
  • Depending on the Multiplayer Mode, start a new game and invite others, or join an already running game or table.
  • You can draw a card from the draw pile or the discard pile during your turn. Following each draw, you must discard one card from your hand.
  • To win, you must use all your cards to form correct sets and sequences before discarding the last card. A timer may be included in the game; if it runs out, the player with the lowest score wins.
  • In numerous card games, the value of the cards still in your hand determines the score. A face card is worth 10 points in most card games, and a number card is worth its value in points.
  • You can declare victory if you have met the game’s winning requirements. This allows other players to examine your combinations.

Teen Patti Master Customer Support

If you have any questions or difficulties or need assistance, look for a “Customer Care” or “Support” option within the Teen Patti Master app. Details about customer support, such as an email address or a ticketing system, may be included here.


Contact support if you have any queries or problems with the app, and they will gladly assist you. Always check the app’s in-game tutorials or help section for any specific rules or features, as these may differ depending on the version of Teen Patti Master you’re playing.

Teen Patti Master Data Safety

Teen Patti Master app is 100% safe and secure. It respects your privacy and thus assures you that your information is protected.


Teen Patti Master TDS Policy

In some countries, profit from skill games such as Rummy may be subject to TDS. This means that taxes may be deducted from your money before you receive it.


TDS rates and criteria may fluctuate due to local restrictions. To determine the specific TDS restrictions and ramifications for your Rummy winnings, see a tax specialist or look at the rules in your location.

Teen Patti Master FAQs

Is Teen Patti Master available to both Android and iOS users?

Because it supports Android and iOS operating systems, Teen Patti Master can be played on various mobile devices.

How do I become a Teen Patti Master?

When making an account, it is standard practice to demand a valid email address, username, and password. To create an account, go through the app’s signup process.

Is it possible to play Teen Patti Master without an active data or wifi connection?

Some Rummy app features and multiplayer games, such as Teen Patti Master, may necessitate an active internet connection. On the other hand, some apps may offer offline, solitary play for training purposes.

How different are the game modes in Teen Patti Master?

You can usually play Teen Patti Master alone or with pals online. The game’s single-player mode allows for practice, while the multiplayer option allows actual competition.

Can I change my Teen Patti Master username or other profile information?

Changes to your profile are often made in an app’s settings or account management section. You can change your profile in any manner you like, whether it’s the name, photo, or anything else.

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