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Color Rummy APK


September 8, 2023
reviews 4.2 rating 9 reviews
download 28 MB 10k installs
signup bonus ₹ 5000 signup bonus
withdrawal limit ₹ 100 Min. Withdrawal
Color Rummy Gameplay
Color Rummy Gameplay

Color Rummy Login / Signup

The Color Rummy app features a user-friendly interface and a simple main menu screen. Upon downloading the game, you have the option to log in as a guest or register for a Color Rummy account. Although playing as a guest is possible, creating a personal account brings added benefits.

  •     Log in as a guest and access the main menu on Color Rummy.
  •     Click the avatar at the top left corner to customize your profile.
  •     Personalize your profile by adding your name and linking your account to your phone number, email, or Facebook. Set a password for secure Color Rummy login.
  •     Once your account is linked, your registration is complete.

Now, with your unique Color Rummy account, enjoy playing with friends and fellow players from across India!