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Rummy Boss

Updated: December 19, 2023
Published: December 19, 2023
download 16 MB
signup bonus ₹ 51 signup bonus
withdrawal limit ₹ 100 Min. Withdrawal
Recieve ₹49 as signup bonus when you create an account on the app.
Fun rummy
Fun rummy
Fun rummy
Fun rummy

Fun Rummy Variants

  • Points Rummy: The most common form of Rummy, where players aim to meld their cards into sets and sequences to accumulate points based on the card values. The player with the least points wins.
  • Pool Rummy: In this variant, players contribute to a “pool” at the beginning, and the aim is to stay in the game until others have accumulated a certain number of points. Players who reach that threshold are eliminated.
  • Deals Rummy: This variant involves playing a fixed number of deals, usually 2 or 3. Players aim to have the least points at the end of all deals to win the game.
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