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Updated: December 19, 2023
Published: December 19, 2023
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Mega Rummy Rules

Listed below is Mega Rummy gaming app rules for players:

  • Each player is dealt with 13 cards.
  • The goal is to arrange all 13 cards and make a valid declaration. This is done by creating different groups of sequences and/or sets.
  • For a valid declaration, there must be at least two sequences in your hand.
  • A sequence is a group of cards of the same suit in ascending order.
  • A set is a group of 3 or 4 cards of the same rank.
  • Once you have made a valid declaration, you cannot add or remove any cards from your hand.
  • The first player to make a valid declaration wins the game.

Additional rules: 

  • Players are not allowed to communicate with each other during the game.
  • Players are not allowed to use any external assistance to help them play the game.
  • Players are not allowed to cheat or manipulate the game in any way.
  • If a player is found to be violating any of these rules, they may be disqualified from the game and their winnings may be forfeited.
  • First Drop: If a player leaves the table without picking any card, they will be penalized 20 points.
  • Middle Drop: If a player leaves the table after picking some cards, they will be penalized 40 points.
  • Invalid Declaration: If a player makes an invalid declaration, they will be penalized 80 points.
  • Show Rule Violation: If a player violates the show rule, they will be penalized 80 points.
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