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Updated: December 19, 2023
Published: December 19, 2023
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Magic Rummy
Magic Rummy
Magic Rummy
Magic Rummy

Magic Rummy Variants

Magic Rummy offers an array of exciting rummy variants like Explore Pool 51, Play with 2 Joker, and 7 Cards Rummy, each with its unique rules and gameplay.

Points Rummy: Played between 2-6 players using two decks of cards, Points Rummy involves discarding or picking cards from open and closed decks. The objective is to form sequences and sets with at least one pure sequence. The winner earns 0 points while losing players’ ungrouped cards contribute to the total points. The winner’s cash amount is determined by multiplying the rupee value of each point by the total points earned.

Pool Rummy: Similar to Points Rummy, Pool Rummy requires players to limit their points below a fixed limit. Players breaching this limit get eliminated in each round until one player remains the final winner. There are three types of Pool Rummy, 101, 201, and 51 pool rummy, each with varying limit structures.

Deal Rummy: Following the rules of Points and Pool Rummy, Deal Rummy is played for a set number of deals. Players receive fixed chips at the beginning of the first deal, and the winner of each deal accumulates chips from other players based on their scores. The player with the maximum chips after the last deal emerges as the ultimate winner, and earnings are based on the rupee value of each chip.

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