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Updated: January 9, 2024
Published: January 9, 2024
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Rummy deity
Rummy deity
Rummy deity
Rummy deity

Rummy Deity Variants

Points Rummy: First up on the Rummy Diety app, there’s Points Rummy. It is played with 13 cards. The mission? Be the first to hit a certain number of points by having valuable cards in your hand. It’s like a race to the Rummy finish line!

Deals Rummy: Then on Rummy Diety apk, we’ve got Deals Rummy. It’s a bit like Points Rummy, but with 21 cards. No one wants to miss the game where one with the most points at the end takes the crown. 

Pool Rummy: Now, let’s dive into Pool Rummy on the Rummy Deity link. It’s a 13-card game, and here’s the twist – you want to avoid hitting a certain number of points, called the “pool limit.” The one with the least points at the end is the Pool Rummy champ!

Pool Rummy (Joker Version): And guess what? There’s Pool Rummy with Jokers! Same rules, but now you’ve got jokers in the mix. They’re like the wildcards in your Rummy adventure, ready to be any card you want them to be. 

7 Up 7 Down: Lastly, there’s 7 Up 7 Down. It’s a 13-card game again, but the goal is to win seven hands. You win a hand when you’ve got a killer set of cards with no strays. It’s like a Rummy victory dance after every seventh win!

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