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Updated: December 20, 2023
Published: December 20, 2023
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rummy loot
rummy loot
rummy loot
rummy loot

Rummy Loot Rules

The goal is to assemble a set of 13 legal cards before any other player does.


-Cards: Four jokers in addition to two conventional 52-card decks.


-Dealing: Every player is dealt 13 cards.


-Draw and Discard: Select one card either from the discard or stock pile. Add one card to the pile of discards.


-Creating Sets: Arrange cards according to rank or suit.


-Melding: Lay out three or more cards on the table, face up.


-Leaving: Create a set of 13 cards that are valid. Meld your final card, or discard it to go out.


-Scoring: Cards in merged sets are worth points. Each joker is worth fifty points.


Extra Rules: You cannot discard a card if you already have a meld of three or more cards. You also cannot meld a set of four cards with an existing set of five or more cards. You cannot meld a set of three cards with an existing set of four or more cards.

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